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Electromechanical Components


Electromechanical relays; high quality power relays, automotive relays, signal relays and high frequency relays.

Touch Panels
Touch panels; resistive 4- and 5-wire, Fujitsu's unique 7-wire and capacitive touch panels.

5V, 24V & battery powered print mechanisms and interface boards; kiosk printers, mobile and POS standalone printers.

Wireless Modules 
Bluetooth® classic modules, Bluetooth® Smart modules, Wireless LAN modules and Smart Beacons.

IoT Connectivity SolutionsOpen a new window
Complete mesh based connectivity solutions

Case Studies

  • Project UFOund: Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT
    Not knowing where things are, can be inconvenient at best. In hospitals, not having wheelchairs, beds and infusion pumps available at the right time can impede the required daily care. But as patients are frequently on the move, keeping track of hospital assets proves challenging in practice. University Medical Center Utrecht initiated the pilot project UFOund to tackle this problem

Recent Press Releases

  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, April 10, 2020
    Reliable relay solutions for e-mobility
    With the rapid electrification of the mobility landscape, new requirements arise for numerous electrical components. Relays for instance need to be able to handle ever higher voltages as well as higher currents, while at the same time be as compact as possible.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, March 09, 2020
    Fujitsu adds Bluetooth 5 Beacons and Sensor Beacons
    Fujitsu Components Europe has added a series of Bluetooth? 5 beacons and sensor beacons to offer OEMs greater functionality and flexibility for developing new, cost-effective and secure IoT solutions
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, January 27, 2020
    Fujitsu Components Introduces 6.6kW Relays for On-board Charging
    Increasingly powerful, since modern e-driving, is all about range and charging times. This is why Fujitsu Components recently introduced the FTR-K5 series that, by doubling up on capacity, cuts charging times in half.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, January 16, 2020
    Fujitsu Components Consolidates Printers Offering
    Fujitsu Components Europe has rounded out its portfolio of printer products by adding the Fujitsu range of dot matrix printers to its existing line-up of printer mechanisms and point-of-sale printers.
  • EMEA, Hoofddorp, January 07, 2020
    Fujitsu Component Expands IoT Front End Devices : Beacons and Mesh Units
    Fujitsu Component Limited has developed beacons and sensor embedded beacons correspond to Bluetooth? version 5.0, as well as mesh units and mesh sensor units using Wirepas Mesh technology, as an IoT front-end device, and is starting to provide samples and mass production from December 2019.


  • Fujitsu Servers
  • Storage
  • Client Computing Devices
  • Peripheral devices
  • Software



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