Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision

Fujitsu’s latest thought leadership, including our refreshed technology and service vision for 2020 and all our supporting insights

How can you strengthen your Digital Muscles for success?

Digital Transformation

Check how fit your organization is and how it compares with others.?Develop your Digital Muscles workout plan or start a customized training program with your Fujitsu Co-creation Personal Trainer.

How do you incorporate voice of customers to design customer-oriented manufacturing process?

Five Megatrends of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

White paperManufacturingFuture of industry

Manufacturing makes people's lives and work convenient and comfortable. As the market changes rapidly, we will consider future manufacturing strategies to respond quickly to customer needs.

Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020

How Business Leaders Can Contribute to the Realization of Sustainable Society?

SurveyDigital Transformation

Does digital transformation have a positive impact not only on business but also on society? Our survey, conducted among 900 CxOs and decision makers in 9 countries has revealed the reality.


Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders

Expert Insight

I - Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders provides exclusive insights on leading ICT trends and their impact on global businesses and society.

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