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5G RAN Solution

5G RAN Solution

The Fujitsu Radio Access Network (RAN) solution is an organic, disruptive ecosystem that has been tested and integrated as a complete solution to the challenges of the 5G network.

Solutions help your business value creation that Fujitsu believes, and commitment to social infrastructure is our mission.
We will continue to provide our hardware and software products for telecommunication networks as key elements of a social infrastructure.
Fujitsu as your business partner, create technology to enable faster and more reliable global communication services from both viewpoint of "building the network" and "utilizing the network"

Multi-layer Convergene

Evolving from existing SDH/SONET and WDM based network to IP based network in Metro Core Network as well as from 2G GSM mobile backhaul to 3G or beyond high speed mobile backhaul networks, a multi-layer traffic control will become more complicate and important for your value creation than before. Fujitsu multi-layer convergence solutions with FLASHWAVE 9500 enable such operators' needs to continue using your current network equipment, protecting your new investment and reducing your maintenance costs.

Network Management and Network Planning System

Our network management solutions protect and support operators as they deliver the continuous high-quality service on which their customers rely. We work with operators to ensure maximum quality of service throughout the network life cycle.


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